Speed Up Your Metabolism And Lose Weight With The Famous VB6 Diet!

Have you heard of the famous VB6 diet that is currently an absolute hit in the US? This diet emphasizes a vegetarian diet and its positive side.

Before 6 PM you can eat fresh fruits, vegetables and grains in unlimited quantity. The author of the diet recommends 6 small meals enriched with rich fruits.


Eat a large quantity of fresh pressed juices, salads, mushrooms, hazelnuts, almonds … However, be selective. Concentrate on the quality, not the quantity of the food.

After 6 PM you are allowed to treat with healthy prepared meat and dairy products. Quantities may be larger, but only if the meat is baked or cooked without oil, and fresh dairy products, no unhealthy additives.

This diet is a great way to bring more vegetables and fruit to your diet, and thereby avoid milk and meat.

We recommend this diet if you want to stick to a healthy diet and along with it reduce a few pounds.

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