Start Your Day With A Banana And A Cup Of Warm Water-This Is Why!

“The founder” of this fantastic breakfast consisted of one banana and regular water on a room temperature, claims that this habit may significantly decrease your weight no matter what you eat during the day.

The diet is known as morning banana and is incredibly simple and easy to conduct.

The answer why this diet “works” so good is in the fact that bananas stimulate digestion and fasten the metabolism.

Another positive thing is that bananas is rich with starch which has a low glycemic index, it digests for a long time, gives the feeling of being full for a long time and partially blocks the absorption of carbohydrates.

The people which will chose this diet are advised to have dinner before 8 pm and to avoid the desert after dinner.

Groceries which are forbidden are dairy and alcohol. Plus the bananas must be fresh not baked or frozen.

eat banana every day

An example for a daily menu:


-one or more bananas (until you fill full)

-one glass of warm water


-Meal by your choice and fresh salad

-Sweet snacks are allowed until 3 pm, if you feel hunger


-Meal which contains many vegetables

Never eat desert

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