Stop Buying Ginger. Here’s How To Grow An Endless Supply Of Ginger Right At Home

Ginger is AWESOME! Yes, ginger root is delicious, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, anti-viral and anti-bacterial natural medicine. It’s the ultimate natural tool for all diseases. Ginger root is known to improve discomfort and can even improve immunity and make your cardiovascular system healthier. We don’t usually use the term super-food for many foods or plants, but this one really deserves that nick name.

This super healthy plant originates from China. But now, people from around the world use this amazing and super healthy root. Ginger is usually used as a spice on different dishes and meals. In many countries in the world, people also use it for medicinal properties and uses. Y Ginger root contains high amounts of healthy nutrients, such as: Vitamin C, magnesium, and other minerals, which makes it a great food to add to your diet to improve your health in general.

Ginger contains high amounts of the super healthy compound – gingerol. Gingerol makes it a beneficial tool in fighting many different health conditions, related to cell inflammation. A research that was carried out on patients who were suffering from arthritis and muscular pains both demonstrated significant outcomes in pain relief and muscle swelling.  We can also mention that ginger is also very useful and highly beneficial for patients who are experiencing diseases that are caused by cell inflammation – obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, etc.

But, the question remains – how many of you are growing ginger at your home? Not a lot, right. WHY, when it’s so simple? All you need is a pot, some soil, and a ginger root, which you can buy in any healthy food store. You should pick a piece that looks like a human hand. If you can, buy a piece that has as many fingers as possible. Break the ginger into many pieces in order to get more fruits. The planting process is very easy. Place each of the fingers in the pot with soil, on the surface, but be careful, you should not cover it with soil.

And, this is very important for you to remember – you should water it every day. Ginger doesn’t need a lot of light, but it requires heat. The planting process should be in early fall, and in spring you can transfer the root to your garden, but make sure it is a place with soft soil. Again, you should water it every day. She also says that you shouldn’t worry about any diseases and pests, which may attack the plant. With proper care, your ginger can reach 60-120 cm tall. It’ll have narrow, glossy, green leaves that can be up to a foot long. Its roots can be harvested at any time, but you should let the plant grow for at least three to four months before harvesting.