Sugar, Gluten, Vine and Milk: This Is How They Can Harm Your Face?

Your skin is a reflection of your health and the way you eat. Unhealthy junk food and intolerance to specific products are the main reasons for some skin problems, especially on your face.

Nigma Taib is a doctor who represents this info-graphic which discovers the consequences and the shape of 4 types of face depending on what you eat and on which products your organism is intolerant to.

  1. Vine

Typical symptoms of people who are intolerant to alcohol or they consume it in high amounts are: red cheeks, dehydrated skin, expanded pores, wrinkles between their eyebrows and big lines under their nose.


  1. Gluten

Typical symptoms of people who are gluten intolerant are: swollen and red cheeks, acnes and chin pigmentation. Its assumed that almost 15 % of the people are sensitive to gluten, and the most common cause for a swollen face are the inflammatory processes in the organism.


  1. Milk

Typical symptoms are swollen eyelids and the whole area under the eyes. Also, small acne in the chin area often appears. That means that you are lactose intolerant or intolerant to the hormones which are in the dairy products.


  1. Sugar

People who are sensitive to sugar often get wrinkles and lines on the forehead; area around the eyes is swollen, and they have dry and tight skin. The sugar contains fewer molecules that are bind with the skin collagen. That’s why the skin loses its elasticity.