Are You Sure You Are Eating Healthy Brown Bread? This Is How They Are Cheating You!

One of the first tips that we get when it comes to healthy nutrition is to replace white bread with brown or rye bread.
But, not every brown bread is colored like that because of the substances of which it is made.

It’s common that it’s just colored with different substances.
‘The bread may have a dark color, which comes from the substances that actually should not be placed in the bread. They add coffee, cocoa, natural and artificial coloring, red wine … ‘, described by a baker who is well acquainted with the methods of coloring bread.
Neither each rye bread, is not really made from rye. Rye bread can be only called the one that contains at least 30 percent rye flour. The problem is that, after the bread is baked you cannot determine exactly what amount of rye it contains.

How to recognize a true healthy brown bread?
– Put a piece of brown bread in the middle of water. And if the bread whitens, and the water darkens, that means that the bread is painted.
– Brown bread is tough, compact and has a higher moisture content than the white bread.
– Brown bread can be airy and springy
– Medium brown bread has deeper pores and lower his volume
– Brown breads have different smells than white breads.

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