It Tastes Bad, But This Drink Magically Burns Fat Over Night

Although the ingredients sound somewhat incompatible, combined in this beverage they dissolve your extra fat.

You may not like the ingredients, but it still does not mean they are not healthy and useful for losing weight. And all of them combined, regardless the taste, are a powerful fat blaster.  Those who have tried it confirm that this miraculous potion melts weight literally overnight.

You will need:

  • A tablespoon of apple vinegar (preferably homemade)
  • A pinch of powdered chili pepper
  • The peel and the juice of one lemon


Grate the lemon peel and pour 240 ml of boiling water over it, and after ten minutes, add the remaining ingredients. Keep it in a bottle, and make sure to shake it well before each drink so you get to the chili pepper also. Drink before and after each meal.

What’s the secret? Chili pepper is useful for digestion, but it also speeds up the metabolism. It stimulates fat burning, and its composition also accelerates calorie consumption. Vinegar helps breakdown of fat, and lemon slows the deposition of fat. Combining the three of them you get a miracle fat melting drink.

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