The 35-day life of a KFC chicken… in a shed full of 34,000 others!

For the first time in history of KFC existence they opened the doors of their farm in U.K. and let BBC make documentary about them. This farm is housing more than 23 million chickens yearly.

Some call this a “bloody” documentary because they show the life of nearly 34,000 chickens. According to Daily Mail their life lasts only for 35 days before they are killed, chopped and sent to distributors. This living conditions and this way of life is harshly criticized by animal right activists.


Andrew the famer, says that the conditions where the chickens live are perfectly clean and humane. On the contrary of this claim in the documentary you will see that the chickens live in their own excrement, just eating and drinking all the time until their gain the needed weight. After this they are killed and send to the fast food restaurants. A worker there says that these conditions are good and that he “wouldn’t mind to be chicken there”.

The worker also says that his feet are clean and that by that you may say that the conditions on the farm are perfect and safe. Also he adds that the chickens are healthy and in a good shape.

Andrew adds that the excrement that we see in not a big problem because he does his best to keep the ground as dry as possible and that he uses sawdust for that purpose.

“The conditions of the farm are quite oppressive” – said Andrew Tyler who is director of an animal group called Animal Aid.

He also said that the birds not only that don’t have a meaningful life but also a great number of them dies from starvation or dehydration. Expressed in numbers nearly 30 million birds, from the 900 million produced, die in the cages.

“This is painfully”, he says. “Millions of these chicken die in the worst way, deprived of everything, with broken legs and bones. This is clear suffering for them” he adds.

This documentary raise awareness to the public about the process in which their favorite foods is being raised and delivered which resulted in forcing KFC to release a statement in which it will commit to improving the animal welfare.

“Animal welfare is essential for high quality food and is important to our customers, and all of KFC’s suppliers meet or exceed UK and EU welfare requirements,” a spokesperson for the chain said. “KFC was the first quick-service restaurant to gain Red Tractor certification and we have in place our own robust standard, which is independently audited by third parties.” – he added.


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