The 6 tricks of a healthy life !

Little changes are enough in your life to help you live healthier. If you  are reading this then i suppose you want that kind of quality and long life. Be careful with your diet, work hard and be positive, is the advice the oldest man on the world has to give, american Walter Brenning(113). These are the rules he follows in life.

Easy on the food

Eat two times a day. Get a good breakfast, and make lunch be something you really like. Skip dinner.

People should not live to eat, but eat to live.


Eat healthy

Even though we all like those unhealthy snacks from time to time, make sure you give advantage to fruit. Try to make fruit your main snack and every time you think of snacks make yourselves pick up fruit instead of chips. Nutritious snacks as well as a disciplined approach to your diet will make you live without medicine and feel good.

Be kind

A negative attitude towards life, boredom and hate will affect your health. So be kind. The feeling we have when we help somebody is priceless !



Talk to people. Hang out. It will make you fill nice and accepted. It’s really important for a man not to be alone because a state like that can affect a lot on your health.

Expand your mind

Read as much as possible, listen to the radio, solve crosswords etc. Entertain your mind any way you like, watch movies, play games. Once you let your mind wonder, he will start working against you.


Work hard

Working hard won’t kill you. It will make you stronger, smarter and happier. You will have greater self esteem after a day of hard work rather than after a day wasted. As an addition to that you will feel safer wit the savings you’ll make from your hard work.



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