The Benefits Of Coconut Milk And How To Make It At Home!

Coconut has great cooling ability and it is a great choice for hot days. Coconut milk has many usages and different purposes in the kitchen. It is rich with vitamins, minerals and good fats. But its advantages don’t end up in the kitchen. Coconut milk may be used as medicine as well as a cosmetic product. Next 15 advantages of the coconut milk will definitely gain your trust and assure you to use it daily.

The coconut shell has many layers. The outside layer is dark brown, “hairy” and hard and at the bottom has three holes. After that is the thin light brown layer so called “skin” and at than is the brownish white coconut “meat” which may be consumed and at the end is the coconut juice or water. That juice is usually called coconut milk and this is wrong because the real coconut milk is produced from the “meat”. In fact coconut milk is a liquid which comes from the pulp or the coconut “meat”. The color and taste of the milk is due to the rich amount of fat and oil.

Coconut milk is very often present in tropic meals and on the west is mainly used for drinks and cocktails in vegan cuisine.

Coconut milk has great amount of lauric acid which may be found in mother’s milk and in secrets of some sebaceous glands. Coconut milk also contains and some good cholesterol which is important for the human body and when it is imported it converts in monolaurin which has antibacterial and antivirus properties.

coconut milk

15 Great Benefits of Coconut Milk

Coconut milk has many usages and different purposes in the kitchen especially in vegan and exotic recipes. It is rich with vitamin C, E, B1, B3, B5, B6 as well as iron, selenium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.

Coconut milk is a great cosmetic product and the following 15 advantages will make you use it every day.

  1. As great substitute for milk in coffee.

You may put coconut milk in your morning coffee and get boost of energy – not only from caffeine but from the electrolytes which this milk has. Coconut has potassium, sodium, magnesium chloride and all of them help the body stay hydrated and function in the right way. What else you may ask for after finishing stressful working day?

  1. For stewing

Coconut milk gives that soft and tasty touch to the food.

  1. Stay calm and drink coconut milk

Coconut milk has 89 mgr magnesium per cup which makes him great source of minerals which calm the nerves and keep normal blood pressure. Magnesium calms the nerves and they then it decreases the contraction of the muscles. The result: you will feel more relaxed.

  1. Strong bones

Coconut milk is not rich with calcium. It contains only 38 mgr per cup in comparison to ordinary milk which contains up to 300 mgr per cup. But it is rich with phosphor. It contains up to 240 mgr per cup and contributes to having strong bones.

  1. Hydrates the skin

It doesn’t matter if you consume it orally or you apply it on your skin anyway it is useful for skin hydration and it keeps it soft and smooth. Just apply thin layer of coconut milk on your face and leave it for 15 min and then wash it with clean water. Your skin will be super soft.

  1. Helps in the fight against infections

Coconut milk has fatty acid called lauric acid which very important and valuable for the human body. In the body it transforms in monolauric and has antibacterial and antivirus properties.

  1. It controls body weight

Because it contains fibers, coconut milk kills the hunger and in this way it may help you control your body weight.

  1. Maintains the level of different sugars in the blood

Coconut milk is rich with manganese which is vital for regulation of different sugars in the blood. One of the most important functions of the manganese it to help the metabolism glucose in the human body. Manganese is important for the metabolism, healing pneumonia, prevention of osteoporoses, period cramps, absorption of vitamins and maintains the digestive tract.

  1. Removing make up

Mix coconut milk with olive oil and use it for removing make up in the area around the eyes and for skin hydration at the same time. There is no need for chemicals mixed with alcohol to remove the make up from the most sensitive part of your face. Coconut milk does the trick.

  1. Decreases cholesterol

Despise its saturated fats; coconut milk actually may help in decreasing cholesterol. Coconut actually raises the level of cholesterol in the blood but its lauric acid decreases the level of HDL (good) cholesterol. Fats in coconut milk are easier for the body and the metabolism because they are healthy and include omega 6 essential fatty acids.

  1. Prevents wrinkles

Increases your skin flexibility with coconut milk – due to its composition of vitamins and mineral keeps the flexibility of the skin and it slows down the process of aging.

  1. Heals sun burns

After long day at the sun it’s not a bad idea to continue in tropical mood – use coconut as medicine. Apply thin layer of cold coconut milk of the area with sun burns and feel how it calms and hydrates the skin.

  1. For roasting

For those who are lactose tolerant or have decided to go vegan, try using coconut milk instead of ordinary milk in roasted dishes. Coconut brings culinary decadency…

  1. For treating arthritis

Coconut milk is rich with selenium that is an antioxidant and calms the symptoms of arthritis. Selenium controls free radicals and decreases the risk of inflammation of the joints.

  1. Prevents hair damaging

Massage coconut milk in the scalp and then comb your hair from the top to the bottom. After that put your hair in a towel and leave it like this for an hour or two. The longer it stays the better it hydrates and penetrates your hair better.


How To Make Your Own Homemade Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is very easy to be done at home – mixing grated coconut with hot water and if you want you may add some spices or sweetener. Made like this it contains 17 to 24% oils and depending on the coconut fat you also add some water. If you keep it in the cooler the cream and the milk will separate which is normal all you need to do is heat it and mix it. In commercial sales to prevent this they add stabilizer and emulsifier. This is why it is safer and better to use homemade coconut milk.


(always put 1/3 coconut flour and 2/3 water)

  • big cup organic coconut flour
  • 2 big cups lukewarm to hot water
  • If you want a bit of vanilla or some other sweetener

Process of preparation:

If have powerful blender you can use lukewarm water and for regular ones use hot water.

Pour some water together with coconut flour and mix a couple of minutes in order the coconut to leak fluid in a form of oil.

Drain the mixture and put it in the cooler. Expiration date is after 3 days.

The leftovers may be used for cookies, drinks and pinacolada and smoothies.

If you want to use coconut milk for soups and meals use clean coconut milk without any spices.

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