The Dirtiest Body Part: You Can Never Clean it Even if You Shower Twice a Day?

When it comes to overall health, personal hygiene is of course a major part of the equation. But there is one part of the body that is very hard to clean, and it can contain up to 67 different types of bacteria on it. It is out belly button. And this is how to clean it.

Our belly button is the least assessable part of the body and it is a major hideaway for everyday bacteria that can pile up and become harmful.

A normal belly button is tucked in and due to its shape it’s easier for sweat, clothes’ hair dead skin cells, lotion and soap to settle in there.

the dirtyest part of the body

This combination is the perfect place for microorganism’s development, and therefore if you don’t clean it properly it can become the source of terrible smells and even lead to health problems like an infection.

Studies have shown that an inner belly button (in its folds) can contain even 67 different types of bacteria regardless of whether you showered or not. If you want to keep that area squeaky clean, use q-tips.

This Is How To Properly Wash Your Belly Button?

Inner (innie belly button):

  1. Before taking a shower dip the q-tip in a medicinal alcohol and clean thoroughly that area.
  2. During your shower, dip the q-tip in a shower gel and do the same as before, clean that area completely.
  3. Then, wash the belly button with lukewarm water and dry it well with a cotton cloth or a towel.

Outer (outie belly button):

  1. Moisten the top of the cotton cloth and add some shower gel.
  2. Clean the belly button, then wash it with lukewarm water and dry it with a towel.

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