The Early Symptoms Of Cancer You Need To Know: Bleeding, Diarrhea, Weightless…

People often notice the appearance of unusual health symptoms months earlier than going to a medical examination, this is usually because they think that they will turn out to be hypochondriacs, wait for the symptoms go away on their own, do not trust doctors or consciously avoid them in fear of disease.

The delay to visits the doctor is the worst thing you can do, because today a large number of cancer is curable if detected in the early stages.

breast cancer cells

According to a study of more than 1,700 people with cancer in the British Association for Cancer Research, there are some basic symptoms that should have people, especially those older than 50, pay a visit to the doctor:

A cough that is not associated with a cold (lasts more than three weeks);

Unexplained weight loss;

A wound that does not heal;

Blood – either in urine, stool or irregular bleeding between cycles;

A feeling as you have not emptied your colon entirely;

Dull and unexplained pain;

Birth marks with irregular shape and suspicious color.

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