The Hidden Characteristics Of Sugar: This Is What Makes You Eat More Sweets

Many respected scientist for many years say that sugar is pure poison. Alternative Daily mail also made a wide article about the many dangers related to sweets. Now we have even more alarming proves about sugar addiction.

In a new study which recently was published in the magazine “Plus one”, scientists say that sugar and especially processed sugar which is added to fast food, creates even 8 times greater addiction than cocaine.

This discovery that the harmless looking chocolate may create even greater addiction than street drugs with the already known risks, including death, should be great warning to all of you who read this text and stop consuming chocolate from this moment on.


Making the long story short, the author of the study wrote “This current study predict the preliminary proves that not all of the groceries are equally involved in creation of food addiction and that highly processed food, which may share the characteristics with drug abuse (for ex. big dose, fast absorption), looks like it is specially related to creating food addiction”.

Speaking about their research, the research team, lead by Dr. Nicole Avena from Icahn Medicine University in Sinai, recruited 504 participants and analyzed their nutrition habits. The participants answered simple questions which would show on which level of food addiction they are. These questions ask the participants if they agree or disagree with certain claims involving even the one “I eat till the point where I become mentally ill”.

When the results about some certain groceries which the participants consumed were analyzed, the analyze showed that greatest addiction is created from drinks. Although this may come as a surprise to many, Dr. Avena explains that actually even a tomato sauce on a pizza slice may contain more processed sugar then some Oreo cookies.

Another “worst food” following pizza were chocolates, chips, cookies and ice cream. The least addiction is created by cucumbers, carrots, beans, apples and brown rice. According to the words of Dr. Avena, groceries which create addiction have the tendency to be the ones which are very glycemic.

This processed food also contains high level of fructose corn syrup instead of regular sugar and this syrup is even more dangerous and it is tightly related to the characteristics of addiction, according to the above mentioned research.

According to cardiologist Dr. James O’Kif “When we eat wheat flour and sugar in processed food, it increases the level of sugar in our blood and decreases insulin. This is a hormone misbalance which stops the food in our stomach and then you need more sweets and fast food”.

While sugar addiction is still not officially recognized as addiction many researches should be done in order to establish the properties of this addiction in various groceries. O’Kif says that addiction may be treated as drug addiction is treated. This involves irritability, anxiety, mood swings and nausea.

However, according to O’Kif if you consistent and if you get rid of sugar, you will make significant results. “The blood pressure is stabilized, diabetes vanishes, obesity is reduced, the tan is glowing, bad mood is past, sleeping improves. This is really, really remarkable”, explains O’Kif.

Getting rid of the need for sweets is not easy but in order to protect your health it is very necessary to be done.

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