The Hidden Murderer Of Teenagers – Deodorants!

If only pass by a teenager, you will feel the smell of some deodorant. Studies show that 50% of young people already in the 11th year use deodorants and antiperspirants, because of the awareness of the smell of his body.

Thanks to the marketing campaigns, deodorants are the top-selling cosmetic tool.

The primary target for sale are just boys and girls from 13-18 years of age, while mothers are the main buyers.

However, experts are now concerned that many teens use deodorant in excessive amounts, and warn that inhaling these chemicals can cause allergic skin reaction, asthma and breathing problems.

In rare cases, it can cause fatal heart problems.

deodorant dangers

“One in three adults in the UK have some form of allergy- asthma, rhinitis or eczema- and their symptoms are worsened by the perfumed products such as deodorants and perfumes” – says Dr. Maureen Jenkins, director of the department of clinical allergy.

“Even people who don’t have allergies may be sensitive to chemicals in cleaning products toilet, kitchen and so on. They cause difficulties such as nausea and headaches “- added Jenkins.

The labels on deodorants usually says that they should not be used indoors, but most of the time it is not respected. They are usually splashing it in the toilets with the windows closed.

The most famous example is the 16-year-old Jonathan who suffered a stroke and died. An autopsy found a lethal dose of butane and propane levels. The gases that are found in aerosols are deposited in his body for months.

“He was 16 years old and his body began to change. Concerned about body odor, he showered and put deodorant several times a day. With time, he began to use deodorant on his entire body and his hair in our bathroom which is very small “- says his sister Natalie.

In the report the pathologist wrote that Jonathan was a normal teenager who died of excessive use of deodorant.

Source: DailyMail

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