The Point Of Happiness On Our Body: Neutralizes Negative Energy and Strengthens the Immune System

In our body there is an organ about which not much is said but it has all the right to be called “happiness point”. And you don’t have to look for it. It is called thymus.

Thymus is an organ located in the front, upper part of the chest i.e. mediastinum. Thymus is middle organ with immunological composition. In newborns and children it is well developed and after puberty comes to its evolution and it converts in adipose.


The key of immunity of the human is contained in the thymus. That gland has very important role in the process of development of the key defense corpuscles T lymphocytes and total immunity of the human body and in the same time it is the first gland which starts to grow old.

Experts of the field of biology and immunobiology currently are developing methods for recovery of the functions of this chest gland with the help of stem cells. After realizing the insufficient success of antibiotics and vaccines on the immune system, at this moment scientists are great optimists about prolonging the quality of life which this research of thymus promises.

How to find the spot where thymus is located.

All you need to do is to put two fingers on the front lower part of the neck, near the breastbone. This will be the approximate spot of the thymus.

Thymus is also called “happiness spot”. This gland helps in neutralizing negative enegy, strengthening the immune system and common wellbeing.

How to activate this “happiness spot”?

Slowly tapping, touching and easy massage on this spot are great methods which increase your energy vibrations on higher levels.

This gland keeps the energy in our body. This why, when our energy compound has a misbalance exactly this gland may help. It is a bridge between the brain and body. While experiencing stress this gland gets smaller which leads to decreasing life energy.

You will stimulate the thymus with your hand (slowly tapping, not punching very hard on your chest). You may tap it slowly or gently touch it with your fingers or massage it. Do this approximately for 20-30 min and while doing it take a deep breath. Of course you may repeat some positive mantra in the same time.

You will know when your “happiness spot has activated” – you will have the feeling of tingling in your body and you will feel happy. Sometimes there is a small time gap until you feel something. Do this exercise every day and for sure you will feel its effectiveness.

If you often experience panic attacks, anxiousness, and stress – do it several times a day in order to regain your life energy.

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