There are four types of belly fat: What is your type and how to get rid of it?

Before you start a strict diet because of the excess inches around the waist, discover your belly fat type, and then discover how to get rid of it.

  1. The punctured tire belly fat

This form of belly fat occurs due to a long sitting in one place and immobility of the body. In addition, the consumption of sugary foods can increase the problem further more.

If you are struggling with this type, cut down on alcohol and sodas also. it is best to dispose of daily alcohol use, as well as soft drinks. The easiest way to get rid of it, is to start a healthy diet.


  1. The stress belly fat

The low rounded belly fat, usually have the people which are perfectionists, but also those who have problems with digestion and swelling.

The only way to get rid of it is to stop skipping meals, to quit junk food and the large amounts of caffeine.



  1. Low belly fat

The soft stomach in the lower abdomen is usually associated with always eating the same foods and sitting in one place. This kind of stomach may occur with slim people also who are simply not active enough.

In this case the most important thing is the movement combined with a varied diet and healthy squeezed juices and drinks that reduce fat.


  1. The bloated belly fat

The bloated stomach mostly occurs as a result of foods that you are intolerant to, allergies or meals with less vitamins and minerals.

You should consume drinks that affect positively to the digestive system and reduce the swelling. In this case, you do not need excessive exercise, but a balanced diet.

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