These 5 Health Problems Can Be Easily Cured With Onions

We all know how garlic is a strong antibiotic, but how much do you know about the healing powers of onions?

Checkout the 5 health issues that onion can help with:

  1. Get rid of clogged ears with earwax

Remove the center of the onion and using a cloth, place it at the beginning of the ear canal. Do not push it inside the ear. Leave it overnight and the morning it will soften the wax, and then you will be able to easily remove it.

  1. Burns remedy

Cut the onion and hold the cut side on the burnt place up to two minutes. Onions will soothe the burn and minimize pain.

  1. Relieve bee or wasp stings

After removing the stinger, do not scratch or press on the bitten site, it is better to mash an onion and put it on the sore spot.

  1. Lower body temperature

Cut onion in small pieces and place it in socks, and wear them for a few hours. Thus, it will help you to lower the body temperature.

5. Elimination of toxins

This is the simplest one, you just need to eat a fresh onion.