These Are The 7 Most Unusual Uses For Honey

Honey has many different healthy ingredients and it is very valuable gift from the nature. Except for eating there are so many different usages.

During centuries beekeepers collect the honey we use in our nutrition and healing many medical problems. Honey has antibacterial properties especially if it has dark color because this kind is used for healing wounds. Here are some unusual but very useful advice about how to use honey.


  1. Healing wounds – During centuries in Egypt and it seems that even now if you need very effective solution for cuts, scratches or small but serious wounds, clean the wounded area, dry it and apply some honey. In any case the best thing to do is to pay a visit to the doctor but honey may be firs and very effective help.
  2. Against intestinal parasites – Mix 1:1:1 water, vinegar and honey. Maybe this is not the best taste in your life but still it may help to get rid of mild intestinal infections. If the symptoms continue, pay a visit to the doctor.
  3. Hangover medicine – High level of fructose in the honey helps the body to faster digest the alcohol. After drunk night, take big spoon of honey and get rid of the morning headache. In the morning the best thing to do is drink tea with honey because hydration helps the body to recover faster.
  4. Washing your face – Honey may be used as natural peeling. Wash you face with honey and then rise with warm water and you face would be very soft. Also honey may be used in solving the irregularities of the face. If you have acne apply some honey, wait for half an hour and than rinse with warm water.
  5. Dose of energy – If you feel tired eat a spoon of honey and you will regain your strength.
  6. Against insomnia – Honey may reduce the level of stress hormones which prevent you from relaxation and sleep. If you have problems with insomnia eat some honey before sleep and you will sleep as a baby.
  7. Regenerator – Put some honey on the edges of your hair, wait for couple of minutes and than wash your hair. With this you prevent your hair from damaging. Also your hair will be shiny and soft.

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