This 18yo Girl Lived On 3 Apples a Day For 8 Months! 5 Years Later This is What She Looks Like!

Her name is Victoire Macon Dauxere and she is 18-year-old and she is a French high school student. Victoire spends a lot of time studying for her final exams, but she took one day off from school and studying and she went shopping with her mom. Well, she didn’t know that this day will change her life forever. When she was out shopping with her mom, she spotted a modeling agency. Well, her biggest dream was to study at the Science Po – a prestigious university in Paris. But, when she saw the modeling agency, she changed her mind, because she thought that’s the dream of every teenager girl.

So, Victoire joined the Elite modeling agency and her life turned into a living hell. Well, this young little girl was trapped in the brutal modeling world, where thing bodies reign. Victoire has that nobody told her that she needs to lose weight. “They told me that in September, I’ll be doing the Fashion weeks, and all the clothes are size 32 to 34, and I need to fit in them”, she said.

girl lived on 3 apples

So, Victoire starved and lost 22 lbs. in just 2 months. So, now you probably wonder what’s her secret diet plan? Well, she just ate 3 apples every day and she only drank sparkling water, because it made her feel full. She also ate a piece of chicken or a fish, but just once a week.

Well, her diet plan worked great. Victoire is 5’10” tall and she had 103 lbs. She was booked for the fashion shows in Paris, Milan and New York. Well, she worked for popular brands, such as Alexander McQueen and Miu Miu and she was in the top 20 models of these agencies.

But, the ugly truth behind all that fashion spotlight was that she was suffering from anorexia. “I measured my pulse every week, and it was very weak. I started to lose my hair and I also had osteoporosis. And I also stopped having my period.”, she said. Victoire also admitted that she fainted couple of times, during the fashion week shows.

She also says that the worst and most confusing part about this is that the modeling agency manipulated with all her photos. “They added weight to my thighs and cheeks. All the girls that work in the same modeling agency can’t say nothing, because they will lose their jobs. They really can’t say anything if they want to be models again”, Victoire said. She also says that the models will eat some snacks in front of the other journalists, but they will vomit everything once the journalists and the cameras are gone.

Victoire said that she never felt so bad in her entire life. she was miserable and she also says that she tried to commit a suicide once. “I felt I lost myself, but nobody understood. They all thought that I was living the perfect dream, but I felt miserable and I just wanted to get out”, she said. Victoire had become bulimic, alone and she was depressed all the time.

So, when she finally decided to put an end to her fashion career, she felt great. She is 23 now and she published a book “Never skinny enough. Diary of a top mode”. She describes her life as a model in this book. She explains how she felt to be so skinny, how the fashion designers treated all models. Victoire explained how is to be a super model, and it’s not that great how all teenagers think it’s like. The fashion designers treated all models like vulgar coat hangers. The famous fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld says that a Chanel suit doesn’t fit a woman with breasts. Well, this is shocking, because women have breasts by human nature. So, he can make a suit that fits woman, right?

These are some good news – her story inspired a new law in France. This law actually aims to prevent and stop models who are too skinny from working. “So, if someone asks you to lose weight, then you should run as much as you can”, she says. Fortunately, Victoire is all good now and she wears US size 6. She is healthy and she wants to start a new career on the stage, but this time in the theater.

Her story is very inspiring, because she is one of the few models in the world who dares to speak up and tell the truth about what really is going on behind the scenes in the fashion world. We really hope you enjoyed this article and please share it with your friends and family members. Thank You.