This Are The Reasons Why You Should Eat Pistachios Every Day

Pistachios not only that are tasty they are also the healthiest among nuts. They improve cardiovascular health, boost the metabolism, lower the cholesterol and slow down aging.
These are the reasons why you should consume pistachios every day:


  1. Lutein is the powerful antioxidant that they contain. This antioxidant prevents fat accumulation and inflammation which means that consuming pistachios for a few days it will reduce cholesterol for 20%.
  2. Being rich in fiber it help the digestive functions of the body. Only 10 g provide you the necessary daily amount of fibers.
  3. One cup of pistachios contains 60% of the recommended daily dose of phosphorus. This stimulates the glucose tolerance and it is important for breaking down proteins and amino acids.
  4. If consumed daily they may increase the sexual power of men. This is a well known fact to everybody. In man they may increase the sexual power up to 51% and all of this thanks to the essential fatty acids which stimulate the sex hormones and increase the blood flow to the genitalia.
  5. If you don’t like aging than you should eat 5-10 pistachios every day. They are natural botox because they contain many antioxidants and also fight wrinkles.
  6. In order to avoid overeating buy the ones which are in a shell and then count every opening. This is how you will know how many you have consumed and whether you ate too many.


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