This Banana And Water Mix Heals Respiratory Infections In No Time

This healing banana cream is an excellent natural remedy for cough and its efficiency was tested in the treatment against persistent cough and bronchitis.

It is particularly effective in children, but can be also used by adults.

It is delicious, healthy and very nourishing with a beneficial effect on the stomach.

If your child has a sore throat and is coughing, you must make this wonderful cream – it is very easy to prepare.

Here is the recipe of the banana cream against coughing:

banana and water mix


  • 2 medium sized ripe bananas (the best are the ones with dots)
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar or honey (if you add honey, do it after the mixture cools down because honey loses its properties at high temperatures)
  • 400 ml of boiling water


Peel the bananas. Mash them with a fork or a spoon (preferably a wooden or a plastic spoon).

Add the sugar and stir well.

Pour the boiling water, cover the mixture and let it stand for 30 minutes.

If you use honey, add it at the end, when the mixture has cooled down.

You can strain the mixture through a plastic sieve (this is optional).


Gently heat the mixture and consume it 4 times a day (you should consume around 100 ml each time).

Make a new dose each day of the treatment. The cough will stop in a few days – without any expensive drugs!

The banana is a soft fruit that has a favorable effect on our throat. It is easy to swallow and does not cause pain if we have a sore throat. It is also rich in vitamin C, B6 and potassium, and has a low glycemic index.