This Is How Coca Cola Destroys Your Body In 65 Minutes!

After you read this, it is for you to decide if it is a wise idea to continue drinking Coca Cola.

This is what exactly happens in your body 65 minutes after you dink a glass of Coke.

coke is bad for you

The first 10 minutes is when the sugar in the Coca- Cola gives a powerful blow to your body. If it wasn’t for Coca Cola’s cunning mixture with phosphoric acid, this type of sugar overdose would cause vomiting. This effect has some parents giving their children a Coke in case of disorders of the stomach, but it is wrong and unjustified.

The next 20 minutes, as the body tries to resist the sugar overdose, a powerful ejection of insulin in the bloodstream occurs, our liver breaks down the sugar and turns it into fat.

After about 40 minutes, our body completely absorbs the caffeine contained in the Coke. Our blood pressure is increasing because of the increased efflux of glucose in the blood.

Our brain blocks the adenosine receptors which serve to fight off being.

After the 45th minute, the production dopamine is increased, and dopamine is a hormone that stimulates the pleasure center of the brain. Some drugs, such as heroin, have a very similar effect on the body.

An hour after drinking the glass of Coke, the phosphoric acid accelerates the metabolism through the binding of calcium, zinc and magnesium in the intestines.

The result is complicated by the huge dose of sugar and artificial sweeteners. The diuretic effect of caffeine starts to act.

The calcium is washed from the bones, effluxes in the urine, and this process weakens the bones.

Together with the calcium, magnesium, zinc, sodium, and water leave the body as well.

Even in the 65th minute, an acute shortage of sugar is created in the body, which leads to sleeplessness and nervousness.

Giving the body being in lack of sugar and lack of caffeine, you start to feel very tired.

Consuming Coca Cola on a regular basis will urely lead to getting extra weight and hypertension.

All the artificial sweeteners it contains such as aspartame (E951), cause even greater thirst, which is another benefit for the producers of similar drinks, which use them.

Also, the use of large doses of artificial sweeteners, leads to nervous disorders and slow the mental development.

So you might want to consider all of these facts next time you think about drinking Coca Cola and perhaps replace it with a glass of water.

Source: Good Morning Center

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