This Is How To Prevent Hair Loss With Onion Juice!

Losing hair is a normal process for the human body and it happens on a daily basis. Normal human being loses up to 100 strands every day, but if this number is bigger due to stress or unhealthy life, hormonal change, bad diet etc. than this process is called balding or alopecia.

Of course there is natural way of dealing with this process without any chemicals, which is perfectly safe for you and the environment. We recommend you onion. Why the onion? Onions are rich with sulphur and when consumed regularly it helps the production of collagen, protects the hair from breaking and help the hair grow faster.


Benefits of onion for hair loss problems

Onions nourish the scalp and hair follicles, when put directly on the scalp it helps the circulation. Also they have antibacterial properties; they are natural antioxidant and producer of catalase. Thanks to this properties onions will help you get rid of infections and bacteria, strengthen the structure of the hair strand and with this make better conditions your hair to not only grow again but to be healthy and strong.

Homemade onion products

  • Juice

Get all the onion juice you can by squeezing the onion and then put this juice on your scalp for 15 min and then wash your hair in a regular way.

  • Paste

Onions mixed with honey make great paste which you may put on your scalp. All you need is ¼ cup of onion juice and on spoon honey. Mix the ingredients together until you get a soft mixture. Put it on your scalp for 10 min and then wash your hair.

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