This Is How Your Handbag Is Harming Your Body If Not Worn Properly

A German orthopedist explains what we do wrong when we wear a bag on our shoulders. Anyone who regularly wears a bag on their shoulders should bear in mind that it can cause serious health problems.

Therefore, if you carry a bag, first you need to make sure that it does not weigh more than 5% of your overall weight. Otherwise, there is a risk of muscle pain on the side on which you carry the bag, and then far more serious problems such as spinal curvature.

“The books in the bag that is worn on the shoulders is a problem for every orthopedic” – said Reinhard Shinderhand, President of the German Institute for bone disease.

He noticed that anyone who wears a bag or a purse on their shoulders has a favorite side he wears the bag on.

“Wearing the bag on one shoulder can also cause tension in the muscles on that side, so it is good to be careful about the weight of the bag and to continuously change the side you wear your bag on ” – he added.