This Is The Best Natural Prostate Medicine!

One of the greatest health problems which many men face all around the world are problems with the prostate. They can behave different, have different strength and form. Almost every man older than 45 already experienced problems with the prostate and there is a great possibility that all of them will experience these problems when they grow old. But that age border when men experience this problem is constantly moved.

The prostate is a muscular organ at the size of a walnut that with one part closes the urine tract. Its function is to produce secrete which transfers the spermatozoids.

As men grow old it comes to different problems with the prostate and the most common are enlargement of the prostate, acute or chronic inflammation and recently the most common is prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer to men besides lungs cancer.


Prostate means the same thing to men as problems with breasts or reproductive organs mean to women.

The response of the medicine is consisted of different therapies but very often medical therapies are ineffective at all or not enough effective. Some of the difficulties which men suffer when they have problems with the prostate are: urinating too often, inability of full urination, urination during the night, weakness, cold and pain in the lower part of the back and genitals, problems with erection, problems with ejaculation etc.

Talking about natural responses to this condition the choice is not too big. The most common is cranberry tea and pumpkin seeds and oil.

Anyway, here we will present you the most powerful weapon which nature gave to us in the fight against all of the above mentioned prostate diseases. It is a herb called Epilobium parviflorum or commonly known as smallflower hairy willowherb.

This herb may be planted even here and you may find it in many herbalists or in the supermarkets or green markets in all of the countries of South-East Europe.

This herb is known for many centuries but under the influence of modern medicines its benefits are forgotten. The most famous Austrian herbalist, Maria Treben, made this herb popular again in her books which are sold in more than 10 million copies. Maria Treben personally cured more than thousands patients with prostate problems in Europe using only smallflower hairy willowherb,


Find a smallflower hairy willowherb which may be found in many species and as prostate medicine may be used the following:

Epilobium roseum, epilobium parviflorium, epilobium montanum, epilobium obscurum, epilobium sollinum epilobium anagallidifolium and the ones which grow in the swamp.

Put 1 tbsp of this herb, it may be dried or fresh, in 2 dcl hot water. Leae it for 5 – 10 min, take out the herbs and drink it. You should consume this tea to times a day, once in the morning on an empty stomach and once in the evening before going to bed. This tea should be consumed as long as needed but at least in duration of several week. The first results may be seen very fast.

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