This Is What Happens When You Eat Only 3 Peaches A Day!

Three peaches a day has the ability to kill cancer cells in a very short period, confirmed Giuliana Noratto, food researcher from Washington University.

Professor Giuliana Noratto cooperating with scientists from Texas A & M, discovered that, when cancer cell are exposed to polyphenol, a substance which may be found in peach, deactivate in an instance.

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women. Norato and her team offer a practical and simple supplement in your daily routine in order to prevent this harmful disease. Equivalent of polyphenol extract from 3 peaches is suitable for women with weight of 55 kg.


Peaches as food therapy

In order to test the effects of the peach to the breast cancer cells, they first put cells of breast cancer to mice and then they added a dose of peach extract. After the mice have been treated with high dose of polyphenol taken from peach, researches have noticed slow growth of tumor in the mice.

The researches, who realized that this substances have protective antioxidant effect on the breast cancer cells, weren’t especially surprised by this discovery. Norato and her team were surprised by the way the cells die. Poluphenol slowed down the process of metastasis (spreading cancer cell through the body). Noratto said: “At that time we didn’t even think of curing metastasis”.

After 12 hours, the researchers have noticed that mice which were fed with high dose of polyphenol form less blood vessels which are responsible for spreading cancer cells. While many still rely only on strong synthetic medicine, Noratto and her team fights for future which is based on evidence that food therapy prevents cancer.

The compounds in peach have preventive effect against breast cancer cells without putting at risk the healthy cells.

Peaches contain high polyphenol as chlorogenic and neoclorogenic compound. Despite the fact that  these compounds may be found in other fruits, a noticeably high level it my be found in peches.

Noratto in hers studies confirmed that these two polyphenoles are responsible for killing breast cancer cells. On the contrary from the high doses of chemotherapy which are given to patients (they kill the healthy cells together with the infected ones), researchers have expressed their positive thinking about exposing to great amounts of peach without any side effects.

Except for breast cancer, researchers in their further researches with animals have discovered that polyphenol may prevent development of some other types of cancer, which leads to food therapy against cancer.

This is why you should never underestimate the power of nature.

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