This Is What Pain In Certain Organs Might Mean. You Will Be Surprised!

The idea or the so called theory, that everybody creates his own disease is not on the extreme alternatives list anymore. The western doctors don’t believe that too.

How you think; how much you are afraid; how much you believe or you don’t believe; how much you are ready to fight and accept. All of those thing are being “written” somewhere in your body.

This kind of descriptions of pains and diseases can help you to know your body better, your thoughts and their connection. Every person is unique, but for most of us these are the same:

Headaches – appear when you punish yourselves. People who are trying to be perfect in any way have constant migraines, because they create the pressure by themselves under they live at. There is also a lot of suppressed rage included.

Sinuses – if they cause you any trouble, maybe someone close to you in your life irritates you a lot. And you may get that feeling that he “attacked” you.


Eyes – eye problems point out that there is something about you, in your past or in your future that you don’t wish to see. The denial and your wish “not to see” what’s really happening, can cause you eye problems.

Hearing – these problems say that there is something you don’t wish to hear. Pain in your ears says that there is anger in you cause of something you didn’t hear about. (Have you ever noticed that the partner of a person that talks too much has hearing problems?).

Hair – the hair is powerful. When you are tensed and scared, you create “iron chains”. They start in the shoulder muscles first and go up, to the top of your head, and sometimes in the area around your eyes. The hair grows on that top and that’s why, if there is tension in your life which lasts longer, your scalp shrinks, the hair can’t breathe and it starts to fall and die. That’s how boldness appears.

Head – when something is wrong with your head that means you feel that something is wrong with you. You show your head to the world, and it’s something they know you about.

Neck and throat – your neck represents your ability to be flexible in your thoughts so you can see the other side and see other’s people point of view. When you have neck problems means that you were stubborn in you evaluation of the situation, and you are convinced that you point of view is the righteous one. The throat represents the ability to say what you think and to ask what you want. When you have throat problem usually means that you think you have the rights of that attitude. You don’t stand up for yourself and you suppressed your rage. Your laryngitis says that you are so pissed off, you can’t even talk. The throat is the creative flow in your body. If your creativity is “choked”, you might have a throat problem. Also, if you are trying to change or you are in the middle of changing, you will probably notice some throat changes.

Hands – represents the ability for you to accept all life experiences. The upper part is related with abilities, and the lower one with skills. Your keep your old emotions in your joints, and you elbows represent the flexibility in changing life paths. Every finger has its own meaning. If you cut your index finger, your anger and fear are related with the current situation. The thumb represents the concern in life, middle finger sex and rage, the ring finger represents sadness, and the little finger is related with family and conversion.

Back – if you have any back problem means you might feel that people around you don’t support you enough. The upper part of your back has connection with lack of emotional support (husband, wife, your boss doesn’t understand you). The middle part is connected with you sense of guilt – when it hurts, don’t be afraid to look what’s behind. The fear of being poor and the thoughts that you will never have money is expressed with lower back pain.

Lungs – represents the ability of giving and taking things in life. If you have any lung problems, you are maybe afraid to take the things you need or you maybe feel that you don’t have the right to live your life like you want to.

Chest – are maternal principle. If you have any chest problems usually means that you overrated with you maternal, protective attitude to some person, place, things or some experience.

Heart – represents love, and the blood represents joy. The heart pumps joy through your body. When you trim the joy and happiness in your life, your heart starts to shrink, wrinkles and It gets “cold”. As a result of that, the blood flow gets way slower, and it opens the doors for anemia, angina pectoris and heart attack. People who suffered from heart attack were never happy in their life.

Stomach – it “digests” all your new ideas and experiences. You have stomach problems? Who or what you can’t digest? Or it’s just new feelings you can’t accept. You are afraid.

Legs – they carry you through your life. Leg problems usually point out that there is fear of walking, fear to go forward or hesitation to move in some direction. When there is something you wish to do, you will feel leg problems.

Knees – are your flexibility. Just like your back. They express your ability to adjust, your pride, ego, stubbornness. If you get any knee problems, ask yourselves why you are so stubborn and you deny adapting to the current circumstances.

Feet – are related to understanding yourselves and the life around you, your past, presence and your future.

Skin – represents your individuality. When you have problems with your skin, you feel endangered in some way, they you are being ruled by others.

Too much weight – represents your need for protection. Fat people are looking for protection so they won’t get hurt, humiliated, criticized, cheated, betrayed. They have lots of fears in life.

Pain – any type of pain is referred to the sense of guilt. Your guilt always asks for punishment, and the punishment is very painful. The chronic pain is related to chronic type of guilt so deep in the human body, that the person itself is not aware.