This Is Why Baking Soda Is The Nightmare Of The Pharmaceutical Industry

People use baking soda for all kinds of purposes. Sometimes they use it to keep odors from theirs fridge and pantries, but this is the thing which pharmacist hate the most.


So why they hate it so much you may ask yourself? Let’s start with this – Cancer is lactic acid, which is formed when a fungus or mold lives in an environment that is void of oxygen. It was also discovered that when passing a high concentration of oxygen molecules through cancer cells, it could destroy them. It’s difficult for people to understand the idea that a substance common like sodium bicarbonate can offer more benefits than just getting rid of odors.

Researchers have come to a conclusion that baking soda may help in curing cancer and diabetes. This is possible because of it composition, which compared to chemotherapy and radiation which destroy the vital organs of the body, prevents damages of the most important organs in our body.

Baking soda makes the environment alkaline which is great because it is proven that enzymes which are essential to biochemical reactions are sensitive to pH levels and they work best in a non acidic environment. The decrease of the pH value of the blood happen due to the lack of bicarbonate ions and here is where baking soda helps the most thanks to its composition.

The most important ability of baking soda is that it helps transport oxygen by dilating the blood vessels and releasing oxygen into the cell tissues which increases the pH value. When pH value of urine is high, there isn’t crystallization of waste products in the urinary tract. Uric acid causes gout, kidney stones, diabetes and heart diseases. Alcosan that is a toxic compound that is formed by fungi in an acidic environment has been shown to cause various cancers and diabetes. Taking baking soda orally, serious diseases like arthritis, gout, the flu can be prevented.


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