This is Why You Shouldn’t Boil Water More Than Once

When the water starts to boil at 100° Celsius, it starts to change its texture. When this happens, some of the ingredients vaporize and the gases dissolve. Cause of this reason, it’s healthy to drink boiled water. If you have perfectly clean, purified and deionized water, noting bad is going to happen if you boil it twice. However, tap water contains all kinds of dissolved gasses and minerals, and when it’s boiled for a long time and more than once, its chemical composition starts to change in a bad way.

boilt the same water

First of all, the dangerous ingredients in the tap water don’t vaporize when the water is boiled. Instead, they accumulate and increase the risk of consuming specific dangerous chemicals in our organism. These dangerous chemicals are usually: arsenic, nitrates and fluoride, because the healthy minerals can be also bad for us when they accumulate in high amounts. For example, the calcium salt can cause kidney and bile stones if it’s consumed in high amounts.

This is why you shouldn’t boil water more than once:

  1. When the nitrates are exposed to high temperature, like boiling water, they become very toxic. The high temperatures convert the nitrates into nitrosamines, carcinogen substances. Nitrates are related with diseases such as: leukemia, ovarian cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, thyroid problems.
  2. Accumulating the arsenic in our body through the years can cause arsenic poisoning, and that can lead to severe health problems such as: cancer, cardiovascular diseases, neurological problems, development disorders and infertility. The World Health Organization claims that the drinking water will be the biggest threat for humanity, only because of the arsenic.
  3. A recent study from University of Harvard has shown that fluorine exposure can harm the neurological and cognitive development at kids.