This Powerful Medicine Works Against Many Diseases And Repairs The Negative Effects Of Chemotherapy!

This medicine is recommended by doctors to patients with weaker immune system.

It is rich with active ingredients which help the body in the fight against many bad diseases and may be consumed even by people which are perfectly healthy.


  • ½ l lemon juice (made from 1 kg of lemon) mixed with:
  • 1 kg honey (if the honey is in crystals than should be mixed until it dissolves)
  • 350 g sesame paste (half jar) and then add:
  •   250g almonds
  •   250 g walnuts
  •  250g hazelnuts
  • 250g sesame seeds (grind in a coffee grinder)
  • 10g ground cinnamon and ground nutmeg 10g
  • 30 ml of propolis


This medicine gives great results. Patients with carcinoma or in the beginning of chemotherapy should consume large amount in 4 tbsp on a daily basis:

  • First spoon in the morning on empty stomach
  • Second spoon 2 hours after breakfast
  • Third spoon 2 hours after lunch
  • And the last on in the evening before going to bed

When you are sure that your immune system is good, for the rest of the treatment take half dose. Take 4 spoons daily in the same timetable. This weaker dose may be consumed by people who are perfectly healthy and want to keep their immune system.

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