This Type Of Cancer Grows Terribly Fast, And Many Think It’s a Simple Heartburn

From an unknown reason, the cases of patients suffering from stomach cancer are increasing, and it is estimated that up to 2025 it will increase by as much as 140 percent. The problem with this type of cancer is that the symptoms are common problems such as heartburn and difficulty swallowing.

Doctors warn that ignoring problems such as heartburn could lead to fatal consequences.

Specifically, people suffer from heartburn for a long time, until forced to go to the doctor. Even after given medication, the heartburn does not stop you are dealing with a serious problem. The best thing to do is have an endoscopy, a process in which a camera films the inside of the stomach, and gastrointestinal tract.

This can discover the stomach cancer in its early state and can have it surgically removed.



However, there are few cases when this cancer is detected in time because of symptoms that include frequent problems such as heartburn, so the survival rate of esophageal cancer is only 20 percent.

Also, from stomach cancer is diagnosed four times more in men than in women.

Michael Sprang, professor of gastroenterology at the medical college in Illinois, advises that if you experience these symptoms of heartburn, there is no need to panic. Start of with diet changes and expel the spicy food, coffee and alcohol.

If your heartburn does not decrease even after anti-acids or other drugs to reduce stomach acid, then have your doctor recommend an endoscopy.

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