We All Throw Away These Bags, But They Can Save Us a Lot of MONEY! Here Are 4 Genius Ways to Use Them!

Do you know what are silica bags? Well, we usually get the silica bags when we buy something, like a pair of shoes, etc. But, the bad thing is that many people around the world think that these bags are useless and toxic!

Well, they’re right when it comes to the toxic part! They should not be consumed because of the silicon dioxide they contain! But, these bags are far from useless! YES, you got that right! You can use these bags for almost everything. For example: you can use them to restore your Water-damaged phone. In case you drop your phone in water, just put a few of silica gel bags around it and it will dry up in no time, because the silicon dioxide absorbs the water. This way, you can use your phone again without any problems.

Can I ask you something – did you know that you can put silica gels between your clean clothes to make your clothes smell fresh? The silicon dioxide will prevent and neutralize moisture. Or, you can put a few silica bags in your gym bag to absorb the moisture from your wet clothes. Silica gel bags will absorb that moisture, leaving the bag clean and free of bad odor and bacteria.

And, one last thing – you can also use the silica bags to save your cosmetic products! Ladies, if you want your cosmetic products to last longer, you need to save them from moisture- just add a silica gel bag in the make-up case, and the problem is solved. That’s it!