Top 10 Foods To Cleanse Your Liver From Toxins And Fat

There are probably thousands of different detox diets and detox plans on the internet, and most of them are extremely effective when it comes to complete body detoxification. But the real downside of these detox plans and diets is that they don’t exactly say what you need to eat or how to spot chemicals and the harmful toxins and how to avoid them. Liver – this extremely important organ in the human body plays a major role, when it comes to body detox and removing all harmful toxins from the human body. And we can also mention that you shouldn’t add any stressors to the detox process as well.


Get ready, because in this article we are going to show you the top 10 foods that can help you cleanse your liver from all harmful chemicals and toxins. First, let me mention the most important functions of the liver:

  1. The liver produces proteins, which are extremely important for the blood plasma
  2. The liver produces bile: bile helps to remove the toxic waste and breaks down fat down in the small intestine
  3. The liver produces cholesterol and protein, which are responsible for carrying fat cells through the body
  4. The liver converts glucose to glycogen, which the body uses for energy
  5. Regulation of amino acids
  6. Processing of hemoglobin
  7. The liver converts the ammonia to urea, because ammonia can be poisonous
  8. It eliminates drugs and other harmful toxins from the blood
  9. It helps in regulating the blood clotting
  10. The liver defends the body from infections and it’s responsible for removing bacteria from the blood stream

Well, those were the 10 most important functions of the liver. Now let me say the top 10 most important food, which are extremely important and useful for complete liver cleanse.

The Top 10 Liver Cleansing Foods

  1. Garlic

If you haven’t tried juiced garlic, then you definitely should. But, be extra careful, because just a bit goes a long way. This super healthy vegetable has the ability to activate your liver enzymes. This is extremely important, because these liver enzymes help to flush all harmful toxins from your body. And we can also say that garlic contains high amounts of allicin and selenium 2 powerful and strong natural immune boosters and liver cleansers. Many different studies have proven the powerful antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties of this super healthy food.

  1. Grapefruit

Grapefruit contains high amounts of Vitamin C and antioxidants. This amazing fruit increases the natural cleaning processes of the liver. Just drink 1 glass of grapefruit juice in the morning. It’s more than enough to boost the production of detox enzymes, which are extremely important for flushing out the carcinogenic compounds and all harmful chemicals out of the human body.

  1. Beets and carrots

People used beets as an aphrodisiac for hundreds of years. This is completely true, because beets contain high amounts of boron, compound that is directly connected to the production of human sex hormones. So, now comes the real question – how do these 2 vegetables help your liver? Well, they are both loaded with Beta Carotene, which is extremely important for your liver.

  1. Green tea

The green tea is one of the most important liver drinks. This is because green tea is loaded with antioxidants, and the most important antioxidant is known by the name – catechins. This compound can improve the liver function and provide other health benefits as well.

  1. Leafy green vegetables

You should eat lots of raw green vegetables, because they are loaded with many healthy nutrients and they can provide many health benefits for your health in general. Chlorophyll – is amazing for our health. These leafy green vegetables are the best natural way to remove all harmful toxins and chemicals from our blood stream. These green vegetables can also help us neutralize heavy metals, chemicals and other pesticides as well. Make sure you eat these green vegetables every day, because they can offer a powerful protective mechanism for the liver and improve the liver function significantly.

Note: we all know that there are many different kinds of green vegetables. But, did you know that you need to rotate your greens? Well, yes, you definitely should, because if you go four days or more of the same greens, your body doesn’t absorb as much.

  1. Avocados

You should consume avocados every day. These super healthy fruits are loaded with many healthy nutrients, especially with the glutathione compound. This compound is one of the most important things for your liver and for the detox process as well.

  1. Apples

All apples contain high amounts of natural fiber, known as pectin. So, your body can use this natural fiber to press all harmful toxins, chemicals and pesticides out of the body and allow your body to heal itself. You should eat plenty of apples, or try at least 1 apple a day. You will notice the healing effects immediately.

  1. Olive oil

Note: when you go to the local supermarket or the local health store to buy olive oil, you need to make sure you buy extra virgin cold pressed olive oil. Don’t use this oil to cook on too high temperature as well. It needs to stay below 275. This olive oil is the best source of lipid base, which is very useful in removing all harmful toxins in the human body. So, when you consume this type of olive oil, you are actually helping your liver by taking some of the burden. Use olive oil for your salads and your favorite meals.

  1. Lemons and limes

There are millions of articles on the internet and they all say that you should drink glass of warm water with juice of half lemon in it. Well yes, it’s an excellent way to start your day. The lemon juice triggers the nerve and hormone activation to the liver and the digestive system. Well, lemon water is very beneficial for people who suffer from sluggish bowels. You should definitely start your day with 1 glass of lemon water. You will be amazed by the results. It will boost your immune system and metabolism, and it will help you lose weight much faster.

  1. Turmeric

This super healthy herb has many health benefits: it’s amazing for your skin, for your hair and it’s also very useful in eliminating harmful substances from your body. Turmeric is loaded with many healthy nutrients, which can help your body to fight against cell death and to improve your health in general. Turmeric is also very useful anti-inflammatory tool. Note: make sure you use the fresh root to juice.

You need to start consuming these foods immediately, because as you can see they can provide many health benefits for you and improve the liver function. We really hope you find this article helpful and please share it with your friends and family. Thank You.