Tricks for a healthier live

No matter how hard you try to live a healthy life, the temptations are all around us.

Whether it’s spending time at the computer, because we just decided we want to watch the complete season of your favorite show or insatiable need for junk, from time to time we simply have to detour.

We present you with a   few simple tricks that will help you not to be overcome by temptations, but maintain the pace of a healthy life, and find the motivation for it.


You cannot resist sweets or snacks? Treat yourself from time to time, but split the bag into several small portions and limit yourself to one serving a day.

water and lemon

While drying your hair with a blow dryer, constantly move the dryer from one hand to the other and in the free hand hold a weight and exercise with it. That way twenty minutes of drying the hair will go a long way for your muscles!

Doctors have proved that loud swearing can act therapeutically if you were in pain. If you are alone, and you have a headache – allow yourself a little fun with swearing.

Create a music playlist exactly in the duration of how long you want to exercise. So you will not have to look at the clock, and you’ll enjoy a workout to the beat of your favorite songs.


If you really hate to walk or run, take along a dog and training will suddenly become a lot more fun.


Every morning, drink a glass of warm water with lemon on an empty stomach, and your metabolism will instantly speed up.


Tighten your abdominal muscles occasionally during many hours of sitting in the office. It will not interfere with work, you will get a good exercise, and no one will notice.


If you don’t drink enough liquids, mark time intervals when you need to drink a few sips of water, and adhere to it. If you are late, you deserved a double dose.

water marks

Every day, limit your time in front of TV for two hours, and make yourselves that you training take at least 30 minutes.


Myopia is a big problem today. Doctors suggest that every day, every 20 minutes for at least 20 seconds you should look at a spot which is 20 meters away and it will decrease the risk of myopia.


Whiter teeth with banana crust! Give your teeth a good rub with the inside of a banana crust, let it rest, and then brush them with a dry brush and rinse. You will be surprised by the effects!


If you find it difficult to exercise, get a gym buddy and mutually support yourselves.


Always have a bag packed for the gym, and in the fridge always have ingredients ready to make yourselves a healthy smoothie.

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