Try This Efficient Natural Method Against Stretch Marks

Of course, every woman wants to get rid of stretch marks in different ways: from the use of expensive stretch marks creams to surgical intervention. You sure don’t need to go that far, because with the help of natural methods every woman can get rid of stretch marks or significantly reduce them.

I suggest you consider this effective natural method to combat stretch marks:


– 250 grams of salt

– 250 g sugar

– 100 ml palm oil (palm oil can be replaced by any other vegetable oil)



Mix all components and during the evening showering apply it to problematic areas of your skin and rub thoroughly. After the procedure just apply a body moisturizer or lotion. The amount of peeling you use will depend on your body and affected areas.

After a month of regular (daily) use, you’ll notice that the stretch marks become less noticeable. In no case should you neglect this procedure after the first positive results.



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