How to Unclog Drains Easily Without The Use of Chemicals

It is a unpleasant situation in your home – clogged drains: sink, tub, shower, toilet…The problem needs to be fixed. Most people who met the problem were more or less successful in their attempts, using chemicals.

Today it is easy to buy different chemicals which dissolve drains, but because of its strength, they can do damage to the sanitary area, also pollute the environment and can damage your health. But you can solve this problem in a natural and safe way.


So, if the problem occurred with a clogged drain, I suggest to try yourself in the role of a plumber. But, you will not need special tools to work, just ordinary soda and lemon acid. Do the following:

Baking soda and lemon acid is an excellent natural combination, which saved thousands sinks, tubs, toilets, showers…

– Before we begin the process of unclogging the drains, discharge excess water from sinks, washbasins or other sanitary facilities.

– After that, pour in half a glass of lemon acid and the same amount of baking soda in the cogged drain.

– A thin stream, pour hot water, approximately one glass.

You will see a chemical reaction between soda and citric acid in the form of foaming.

This mixture will dissolve tiny bits of food, grease, hair, cleaned of other impurities and bacteria, which will prevent the spread of odors. After about ten minutes let the hot water to rinse the drain. If you failed on the first attempt, repeat the procedure once again.

As you can see, drain cleaning doesn’t need a genius, but what is important to note is that you sometimes have to arm yourself with patience, since this procedure will have to be repeated once or twice, if your drain is heavily cogged.

Lemon acid and baking soda can be used to quickly and effectively clean the sink and extend the life of your washing machine.

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