All The Unusual Uses Of Toothpaste. Useful Tips For Every Woman!

We all know that brushing teeth with a toothpaste of good quality preserves health of our teeth and gums, good mood and bright smile on our face. Maintaining proper oral hygiene effectively removes plaque, food residues and bacteria – the main cause of bad breath and also prevents the occurrence of diseases of the teeth and gums and improves their condition. In addition, it brings freshness of breath and brighter and whiter smile.

unusual use of toothpaste

Do you know that you can use toothpaste effectively in your household? I suggest you some tips on how you can apply the toothpaste in your household:

1. Calms down the irritation after insect bites, cuts and blisters.
2. A small amount of toothpaste soothes the pain of burns.
3. It allows you to hide imperfections. It speeds up the healing process of damaged skin after removal of acne on his face.
4. Allows you to clean and whiten nails on the hands to a perfect shine.
5. Toothpaste gel containing the same polymers as well as real hair gel. So if you run out of hair gel, you can mix a little of this toothpaste, apply on even wet hair – and there you have it.
6. Toothpaste helps release the odor white and black onions, fish.
7. Removes old stains from clothes and carpets.
8. Brings the dirty shoes back to normal.
9. Removes stains from colored pencils and felt-tip pens from painted walls.
10. Cleans up silver jewelry to the perfect shine.
11. Removes scratches from CDs.
12. It is suitable for cleaning keyboards on musical instruments.
13. Removes unpleasant smell from the feeding babies’ bottle. Washing with natural toothpaste not only cleans the bottle nice and easy to wash – but also eliminates odors, applies equally well to for silicone and rubber soothers.
14. Cleans burnt metal and the surface of cast iron.
15. Prevents fogging of goggles and cleans headlights.
16. Toothpaste as – air fresheners in the bath and toilet

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