Warning To Parents: These Are Not Gummy Candies, It’s A New Lethal Drugs!

This article is directed to the parents, because they are the ones that should warn their children of a new threat that lurks from the underground market. It is called strawberry meth, and is a subspecies of methamphetamine, which is known to be used by many people in the West.

As its name shows, it has a strawberry scent and looks like a jelly candy or Pop Rocks. The drug is also accessible in different flavors, such as chocolate.

However, regardless of its scent and attractive look, it is crystal meth with a strawberry scent and can cause death. That is most likely one of the ugliest and briefest ways to death.

Gem meth (Crystal Meth) is a manufactured drug that is turning out to be increasingly popular in Europe and USA. The number of people who use it, or are addicted to it, is large and continues to grow.

This powder, that looks like small gems (which are also called “ice”), may be taken orally, by sniffing, smoking or even intravenously – using a syringe. The general procedure is straightforward, and when taken, it activates certain brain cells. This then leads to a physical and mental addiction.

Therefore, make sure that you and your children avoid this terrifying drug in the form of gummy candies, since their effect is seriously harmful to your health and life.

Source: www.cuisineandhealth.com