We All Make This Mistake! This Is The Only Way You Should Defrost Chicken!

The best and healthiest to prepare chicken meat is when it is fresh, but if you can’t due to everyday obligations, you should at least properly freeze and defrost the meat.

Chicken meat freezes quickly, but requires a long time to defrost.

In case you need to prepare the meat quickly, never defrost it in hot water, and instead use a microwave.

If you have a little more time, defrost the frozen meat in an ordinary refrigerator. But remember that this should take at least 24 hours.

A third way is to defrost it in cold water, and you should change the water every 30 minutes.

Defrosting at room temperature or in warm water is prohibited because the meat will lose its quality. You then risk to be infected with harmful bacteria that grow at higher temperatures, especially in summer.

And when you freeze your meat, freeze it in small quantities and portions, because the once defrosted meat should never be frozen again.