Weight Chart For Women: What Is Your Ideal Weight According To Your Height, Age & Body Shape?

Your body weight doesn’t depend only on what you eat and how often you eat. There is whole spectrum of factors, such as habits, environment, behavior, metabolism, genetics, lifestyle, work etc., which determine your body weight and your whole wellbeing.

However, your body weight plays an important role in your life. It determines how healthy you are, how self-confident or what kind of lifestyle you are leading. If you are overweight or obese than this can’t bring any good to you. Obesity leads to many health issues such as diabetes, gallstones, problems with the blood pressure, cholesterol, problems with the function of the heart and also it may lead to cancer. These are very serious health problems which seriously interfere with your life and may prevent you enjoy it. This is why it is very important to pay attention to our diet, change some bad habits such as smoking or drinking, start exercising, avoid stressful situations or simply avoiding everything which makes us crave food, especially the unhealthy one. If you control your body weight than you control your whole life, you will feel happier, relaxed and most important full with energy for new life challenges.

Energy and body weight are simultaneously connected. This doesn’t mean that they will be on the same level every day, this means that over time the energy will help you maintain your ideal healthy body weight.

Ideal and healthy body weight nowadays are put on the same scale. Still there is a difference between them and we will explain it here. Ideal body weight means different to every woman. Some woman believe that they should be very skinny and other believe that 10 pounds extra won’t do any damage. On the other hand, healthy body weight is the weight which best corresponds to your body in accordance to your age, height and body shape. This is very important to know since we live in time where skinny is preferred option and many young people tend to achieve that. However, we should know the rule of “golden middle” and try to use it.

If you search the internet there are all kinds of charts which what is ideal body weight. The same defect which all of them have is that they don’t take into consideration all the factors but just one or two. Our chart is slightly different because it is based on real researchers made by doctors in many studies. Thanks to those studies the doctors made different calculations and created this chart.

We must mention that we excluded the modern trends for beauty and body weight and put our attention to health. Also we took into consideration the age, body shape and height of the individual in order to make the chart correct.

Find your proportions in the chart below and see what is your ideal and healthy body weight and see if you need to lose or gain some weight.

weight chart for women

Source: www.healthylifeland.com