What Happens To Your Body When You Hold Your Pee?

You have to go to the bathroom immediately, but sometimes you wait for the last moment…let me just finish up this message, just to warm up my food, to finish some kind of work around the house.

So, how dangerous is for you if you hold your urine? How this is going to affect your organism?

Well, actually it’s not that dangerous, if you don’t this too often. An adult person can hold up to ½ liter of urine, until he really must go to the bathroom. But, if you do this constantly, and hold your urine for a long time, then this might lead to a condition called – urinary retention, when you won’t be able to empty your bladder completely.

If you suffer from this condition, then your bladder walls are weakened and they can be the perfect environment for many bacteria to develop. This can lead to severe inflammations and urinary tract infections.

In some rare cases, the bladder wall may break, but we are talking about severe cases, when the bladder wall is already damaged a lot.

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