What’s in your fridge vs. what’s in a nutritionist’s fridge: How to eat healthy every day?

Healthy food is the basis of health and good looks. However, some types of food provide you with more useful nutrients than others, and the best way to know what food is best for us to eat  is to take a peek in the fridge nutritionist.


Some of the world’s greatest nutritionist, including Tamara Melton, Alison Enke and Simon Gloger initiated a project in which they decided to teach others how to eat healthy by showing them what they eat every day.


They have put together a grocery list which makes a nutritionists fridge ideal.


Fruit, with special emphasis on bananas, grapes, apples and oranges, is considered by every nutritionist to be perfect snack. You always need to have them in the fridge for when a hurry and you did not have time to eat.


Vitamins A, C, dietary fiber and iron, can be easily found in your smoothies, omelets, soups, salads and sandwiches, if you fill the fridge with green leafy vegetables.


Yogurt is a great food that you can take to work, combined with a variety of food or drink between meals to stimulate metabolism.


Cheese is another food that every nutritionist would recommend, and that is both delicious and easily combined with a variety of dishes.


Milk will supply you with the necessary fats, protein and calcium and it is very important that you have it in your fridge.


Eggs are packed with nutrients and are an ideal solution for various types of quick meals.


And finally, frozen vegetables are the perfect solution for an adequate intake of fibers and in the winter, when there is no seasonal vegetables available.


All you need to do is to make a firm decision, reject processed food and turn to the purchase of healthy foods and fill up your fridge with them.

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