This Woman Cured Her Stage 4 Cancer with Only One Ingredient!

Yes, I really think that this is amazing and heartwarming story! This incredible woman cured her stage IV cancer with just one super healthy ingredient! And, now you probably ask yourself – what’s the name of this secret ingredient? Well, you’ll be shocked when we tell you that the answer is carrots! Yes, she drank carrot juice every day and won against this terrible disease! Her name is Ann Cameron and she is an author of many children’s books! But, unfortunately, in this story she has the lead role.

Well, she became even more famous when she found out that she had colon cancer. She had a surgical procedure in June of 2012, and then she entered the third phase of her cancer. It was especially terrifying because her husband passed away from lung cancer in 2005 after receiving the conventional chemotherapy treatment. But, she decided not to take the same path and declined the chemotherapy treatment. This amazing woman shared her inspiring and incredible story on her blog – “Chris beats cancer”. This is a site where people usually share their stories if they were looking or if they found an alternative solution for cancer treatment.

Ann said that she was exposed to operation for colon cancer in June 2012. But, after that she denied chemotherapy healing and she was feeling better day by day! But, unfortunately, after six months the doctors told her that the cancer was spread to the lungs and the colon cancer has entered the fourth phase. But, the good thing is that she found a story about a man, Ralph Cole, who was diagnosed with skin cancer and who effectively cured it by consuming about two and a half kilograms of carrot juice every day. So, eventually, she thought it was worth a try, so she started to make carrot juice from 2.5 kg of carrot every day, and she drank it throughout the entire day.

Note: after 8 weeks, her tumors had stopped spreading. Her tumor and lymph glands began to shrink. And, this is really amazing – four months later, her glands were back to normal and her tumors were continuing their withdrawal. Eight months later, the computerized tomography test showed that the cancer was completely gone. Well, some experts say that the secret is in the carrot’s compounds, because they’re known to be rich in fatty alcohol and natural pesticide with anticancer properties and they are loaded with carotene, which has powerful anti-carcinogenic properties and it has the ability to prevent tumors from growing. Ann wrote about her experiences in a book called Curing Cancer with Carrots, which you can order it from Amazon. We really hope you enjoyed this article and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family members! Thank You and have a nice day!