The worst food you can eat after training

If you want to lose weight, all you need is to consume less calories than you burn daily. It is no philosophy. However, did you know that it also counts where all those calories come from? It’s not the same 500 calories consumed from candy bars and 500 calories from vegetables.


You especially need to pay attention to the nutrients you consume after your workout. You would need to consume more proteins, and fewer carbohydrates. It’s certainly not a good idea to reward yourself with fatty foods or sugars after a hard workout. Here’s what you should definitely avoid when you get back from the gym.


Fast Food

One of the worst foods that can be eaten after exercise is French fries, or any form of fast food. Fats found in these foods slow down your metabolism and are difficult to digest. So if you are passing by a fast-food restaurant on the way from the gym to the house, close your eyes!


Raw vegetables

Although a healthy salad made of raw vegetables sounds like a good idea after practice, it is certainly not. First, these foods do not contain enough calories needed by your weary muscles. Feel free to get some of your favorite vegetables, but with lots of proteins on the same plate!


Salty foods

Various snacks, chips, crackers and others should be thrown out of your diet for sure, especially after training. If you sweat a lot in the gym you need to drink beverages rich in electrolytes and food that has potassium, such as bananas or dried fruits.



I’m sure you like that chocolate after training, but the worst possible choice after a workout is milk chocolate. If you really have to get some chocolate, choose dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa powder.



Calories aside this time, pizza is full of salt and fat! Try to avoid this type of food as much as you can in your diet, especially after a good workout.


Energy bars

While acting as a healthy option for post-training, the energy bars you buy in supermarkets are actually very rich in sugar and other unhealthy additives and are no less harmful than other chocolates. Also, avoid all kinds of energy drinks and juices for the same reason.

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