5 Foods That You Eat Every Day and They Destroy Your Teeth

According to Dr. Sameer Patel, a dentist, these problems can only occur if you consume these foods “on foot”.

  1. Breakfast


Some muesli is made from grains that contain additives, and often more than three tablespoons of sugar per serving, which makes them very dangerous for the health. Manufacturers can praise them as being one of the healthiest breakfast choices, but the truth is that they are very bad for your teeth.


Choose cereals that contain dairy products, because dairy will help reduce the impact that sugar has on the health of your teeth. Dairy products contain calcium and vitamin D which are helpful ingredients for strengthening of the teeth.

you destroy your teeth every day

  1. Hot drinks


When taken in large quantities, coffee and tea can be very bad for the teeth. After a while, you’ll notice dark spots on your teeth and they may turn yellow.

They will also dehydrate your lips, which can lead to bad breath.


After drinking some coffee or tea, rinse your mouth with water. This will help you reduce the possibility of dehydration of the lips.

  1. Sandwich


Many sandwiches, or fast foods in general, contain a lot of sugar which is added to improve the taste of the bread. Processed carbohydrates can lead to cavities because they create more bacteria in the mouth.

To protect your teeth, instead of sandwiches, choose bread that contains wholegrain cereals.

  1. Cold drinks


This is important for people who are fans of shakes and consume them often.

Without a doubt, fruits are very beneficial for our health. However, they contain fruit acids that can distort the enamel. And a greater amount of acid comes in contact with the teeth if the fruit is squeezed.


You should also consume dairy products and soy milk because they contain calcium, which can prevent damage from the fruit acids and strengthen the teeth.

  1. Snacks


Snacks containing dried fruit, like popcorn, can be very damaging for the teeth.

While the sugars in dried fruit are natural when they are in your mouth, they are not different from processed sugars. Popcorn is also bad for the teeth because it produces a strong acid in your mouth.


Choose snacks with pear and apple because they contain more water. The water in these fruits will relieve the fruit acid. You should also regularly clean your teeth in order to prevent the creation of sediments that can occur from food residue.

Note: don’t wash your teeth immediately after eating fruits.

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