You Need To Get Rid Of Black Tooth Seal ASAP – Here Is Why!

For many years now, experts have been trying to warn us of the dangers of amalgam or black seals. Fortunately, lately there is a increased usage of the white ones, but if you still have amalgam ones than you should go to your dentist and change them.
A recent case of Jamela Jamil, 29 year old British TV reporter actualized this topic. During many years she felt tired and exhausted and started suspecting that a reson for this are her latest visits to the dentist where he putted her amalgam seals.

“It use to wake up swollen or with a hangover even though I never drink. My head was heavy and I felt exhausted all the time. It happened also to come to work then to return home because I looked horrible’, says Jamela.
Because if this problems she went to her doctor and after several testing she was found to have higher level of mercury in her body. Next step was to find the source how this mercury ended up in her body. It was fund out that the reason for this were the amalgam sealing which created many medical conditions.
Bellow read about all of the side effects which are caused by this seals:
Harmful for the health
Amalgam seals contain metals such as silver, copper, aluminum, zinc and mercury. The less known fact is that they contain 50% mercury and in many countries they are considered to be dangerous and not safe for usage. But lately there are serious discussions about their harmfulness.
Many researches have shown that amalgam seals may be dangerous and that they are responsible for many diseases such as autism, Alzheimer’s and multiplex sclerotic and because of this they have to be removed as fast as it can. A very common mercury side effect is the chronicle tiredness.

black tooth sealants

Warning before applying
Even though in recent times kids, pregnant women and people with impaired health are warned before applying amalgam seals, dentists and the World Health Organization deny charges of scientists.

Although even the amalgam conspirators admit that in recent times the mercury may evaporate and then inhaled and absorbed in the lungs and through the bloodstream transferred to every organ. But amalgam seals are still used except in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
In Denmark and Norway they are forbidden due to environment protection and in Sweden because they are harmful.
Black fillings are more resistant and cheaper
Many dentists use this seals because they are mechanically more resistant compared to the white ones and they last longer. It may last 10 to 14 years and beneath them it’s caries. Their advantage is their price – they are cheapest so they are available to everyone.
Mercury disturbs immunity
It is known that the mercury from the amalgam seals is emitted with time and then deposits in the organism. This is a fact. Many researches have established different negative consequences from the increased level of mercury in the organism. Mercury is dangerous cancerous poison which is bad for the immune system.
Mercury has the ability to misbalance the digestive system and to create resistance to antibiotics. Compared to the white seals, the setting of amalgam fillings comes to corrosion of healthy dental tissue.

The mercury from the seals emits sort of steam during chewing or washing your teeth, and the larger their number is the harmful for our organism they are. It is considered that the greatest exposure to mercury is during the placement and removal of amalgam fillings.
White fillings are safer
After all of the above we may conclude there are more negative effects on the amalgam seals, so next time mention to your dentist to change the amalgam ones, if you have them, with the white ones. The disadvantage of this seals is that they can be easily broken, but the most important is that they are not harmful for your health.

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