You Want To Wear High Heels But Can’t Stand It Long Enough? We Got The Solution!

How to wear high heels and avoid the pain in your legs is one of the main female question when it comes about fashion.

Rumor has it that if you want to be beautiful and elegant you have to bite your lips and put you with the pain. This is a common saying with which many would agree and probably you always remember it when you wear your favorite heels and you have to put up with the pain.

You probably know that silicone shoe pillow specially made for high heels can help a lot. They are made from silicone gel and they are put in the front part of the shoe in order the leg not to go on the front and you would avoid painful plantar and blisters.

But here we suggest you something different.

There is a solution to your torture.

It is a trick for which all you need is plaster and medical adhesive tape.

With a plaster or medical adhesive tape wrap the third and forth finger on your foot (counting from the thumb) and you are ready to go.


Why this works?

This trick is based on a medical theory that between the two above mentioned fingers there is a nerve which is causes pain.

When your fingers are stick together there is less pressure on this nerve and you can wear heels more easily.

Of course you can’t use this trick if you shoes which are open in the front and be careful not to stick the fingers very tight.

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