You Will Never Look At This Fruit The Same Way After You Read This!

Bananas contain three types of sugar, fructose, sucrose and glucose, and fibers. This is a combination which makes the body feel fed for long time. According to studies sufficient just two bananas are enough for 90 minute workout, but it certainly is not the only advantage of this delicious tropical fruit because they have many positive effects.



According to the results of a survey which was conducted recently among people who suffer from some form of depression, bananas can be used as medicine. For this the most deserved is the protein tryptophan, which in the body converts into serotonin, known as the hormone of happiness and satisfaction. So when you feel depressed and unwilling, try to eat a banana.


Bananas are rich in iron and affect the formation of hemoglobin in the blood and thus helping in the case of anemia.

Blood pressure

Bananas contain a bit of salt and potassium which is quite important for the regulation of blood pressure. If you eat they regularly it will reduce your chances for a stroke.


Bananas affect the operation of the brain, and another study which was conducted recently has shown that students who eat a banana in the morning it will have better concentration during the day.


An express banana shake will help you get rid of a headache for a limited time. If you add a teaspoon of acacia honey and you shall calm down your stomach and you will make up for the lost sugar.

Morning sickness

You will reduce and perhaps completely remove them if you regularly eat bananas.


If you want to calm the area where a mosquito or a similar insect bite you just brush the skin with an inside of a banana peel.


Bananas are rich in vitamin C which helps you to calm down the nervous system. If you work a stressful job, bananas are ideal recipe for you.


Because of its mild composition bananas are used as a dietary food against intestinal disorders.

Temperature regulation

Pregnant women in Thailand regularly consume bananas for babies to be cold enough when they are born.

Compared with apples, bananas contain four times more protein, twice the carbohydrate, three times the phosphorus, five times the vitamin A and iron. Finally we should mention that bananas are healthier if they are more mature.

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