You Will Never Throw Away Pasta Water After You Read This!

Same as rice water, the water from boiling pasta has many advantages. Only they are tastier than healthier. This wonderful water may help you finish the meal with great cream or sauce.

Maybe when you had a meal in a restaurant you asked yourself how the dressing is so creamy and the pasta sо juicy and how you never could make the same at home.

never throw away pasta water

You are forgetting a key element – you always throw away the secret ingredient.

Professional chefs know that a bit from the thick and muddy water in which the pasta boiled may improve the taste of the whole recipe. That water contains starch and with that it will make the sauce thick and it will give it a nice creamy texture.

You should have in mind that the water should be salty and to be added at the end of the preparation of the sauce. Plus add half from the usual salt measurement.

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