This Is How Sugar Affects A Healthy Breast!

Only three sugary drinks a week can increase the density of the breast tissue and increase the risk of breast cancer, a new study done from scientists from Canada says, whose results were published in the Journal BMC Public Health.

sugar breast

The study included 776 women just before menopause and 779 women who have gone through menopause. Scientists have measured the density of each woman breasts, and they also filled out a questionnaire that included questions about the frequency of consumption of sweet foods (chocolate, cakes, ice cream), sugary drinks and how many teaspoon of sugar is their average daily intake.

“We found that there is a correlation between the consumption of sugar and density of the breast tissue,” said lead researcher Professor Caroline Diorio, adding that “women who have gone through menopause had an increased density of their breasts if they consumed excessive amount of fat, while women who are just before menopause, have an increased density of their breasts if they consumed excessive amount of sugar.”

The researchers note that most women did not consume excessive amounts of sugar. Each of them had  about 3 sugary drinks per week. This is why scientists say that it is very important to keep an eye on the amount of sugar we eat, and point out that sugar may be present in foods that don’t taste sweet.

The increased density of the breast tissue increases the risk of breast cancer, and also makes it more difficult to diagnose cancer.

The researchers note that it is necessary to continue this research, but also pointed out the importance of consuming sugar in very small quantities.



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